Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Q. Why choose Southland Shamrock Realty?

A. At Southland Shamrock Realty, we offer you unprecedented personalized service, attention to detail, integrity, and reliability. Our sophisticated technology is unparalleled and our marketing program is customized to your specific requirements. With the registered buyers in our system, you can rest assured your property will hit the ground running. If you would like a full presentation of our marketing services, including a free Comparative Market Analysis, please contact us call (562) 867-3422. We service the Southland and you!

Q. How is a property's value determined?

A. For most people, their residence is their most important asset. For this reason, all property sales require critical and informed decision-making. Thus, it is important that you choose a real estate agent who will help you attain the best possible price, in the shortest possible time, and with the least inconveniences to you. The agent you interview will want to take a careful look at your property in order to gather information to help him or her estimate the value. This estimate is not an appraisal, but a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). The CMA will allow you to compare your property with similar properties recently sold or currently on the market in your area. This information will help you and your agent reach together a final pricing decision.

Q. How can I prepare my property for sale?

Before putting your home on the market you should review our Seller’s Tips for advice on how to prepare your home for sale in order to achieve the best price possible. We will happily provide you with a free Comparative Market Appraisal at no cost or obligation.

Q. How will Southland Shamrock market my property?

A. We market our listings using well-thought strategies that include mailings, printed advertising, on-line presence, etc. Our properties are listed in sites that receive thousand of visitors each week: Southland Shamrock 's website; paper and electronic editions of and many other related websites that give your listing unprecedented exposure.

Q. What is the standard step-by-step process to selling a home?

A. We have prepared a list detailing the entire sales process. To learn more about the standard process for marketing and selling your home.

Q. Why hire a real estate agent to sell my home?

A. For the same reason you would hire any skilled professional to perform a service he or she is skilled in. A knowledgeable agent can save you time and money and promote your property in the fraction of time it would cost you to try to do it yourself. An agent will screen all buyers to make sure they are pre-approved and will also advise you on the best marketing strategy most suitable for your type of property. 

Q. What are the agent's obligations to the seller?

A. Below are the agent's obligation to his or her seller:

1. Obedience – agent must carry out all lawful instructions of the seller.

2. Loyalty – agent must act in best interest of seller.

3. Disclosure – of all information which is relevant to seller.

4. Confidentiality – duty to keep confidential the seller's information or discussion.

5. Accountability – agent must account for all money, documents, or other personal property given to him or her by the seller.

6. Reasonable Care & Due Diligence – agent must act competently, capable of performing duties with scope of license requirements.

Q. Should I consult an attorney?

A. Buying and selling your home may be the most important transactions in your life. This is why it is advisable that you consider other factors besides the property price. To ensure that no problems appear or unexpected costs arise in the transaction, it is best to seek the advice of your solicitor before signing any contract.

Q. What is the most common type of contract for listing properties?

A. An exclusive right to sell agreement. It gives the real estate broker the exclusive right to sell your home during the term of the listing. If a sale occurs – even if you sell the home yourself – the broker gets a commission. The broker may share the listing with other brokers on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to get the widest possible exposure for your home. If you request that the property not be listed on a multiple basis, only the broker named in the contract and his or her sales agents can market and show it.

Q. What is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and how does it work?

A. The Multiple Listing Service also knows as MLS, is a listing bank for thousands of listings throughout Massachusetts. Your listing will be accessed by all agents statewide once it is placed in the MLS system. All brokers and agents must abide by MLS regulations which state that a listing taken by an office must be placed in the MLS system within 24 hours including photos unless the seller signs a waiver. Once you are working with an agent of your choice, the agent will field and handle all calls and appointments for your property. it is customary for listing and selling agents to work together collaboratively to help you finalize your home sale.

Q. What are some determining factors when selling a property?

A. It is widely known that the price and condition of the property are the most important determining factors when selling a property. A well priced property that is in good condition will sell faster than an expensive property in a poor condition or vice versa. It is important take into consideration the CMA when pricing your property to insure that it is not priced above what the market can sustain. A property in excellent condition may be priced higher compared to a similar property with less amenities for example. A knowledgeable broker will take all these factors into consideration when making recommendations for the listing price.

Q. What are some basic offer contingencies?

A. These are the most common offer related contingencies:

1. The Pest and Inspection contingency - Within the customary 10 days of an accepted offer, the buyer will conduct an inspection of the property to assess its condition and inspect it for structural damages or pest problems.

2. The Mortgage contingency - Within the customary 30 days of an accepted offer, the buyer will show proof that his or her bank has approved the mortgage loan and the buyer has obtained a commitment letter from the lending bank.

3. The Condominium Documents contingency - If you are selling a condominium, the buyer's attorney will review your condominium documents within 15 days of the accepted offer.

4. Additional provisions contingencies - Items such as appliances, fixtures, or sometimes furniture will be negotiated in this section.

Q. What is the recommended time for executing a Purchase and Sale?

A. It is customary and recommended that within a week after the inspection has been completed provided all condominium documents have been reviewed by the buyer that a Purchase and Sale Form is executed finalizing the terms of the sale and preparing the transaction for closing. Certain delays may occur when there are complex negotiations taking place between the buyer's and seller's attorneys. Generally, once a Purchase and Sale Form is signed, then there is no going back on the terms of the sale.